Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Women Ending Racism

The penal started with a beautiful song. "Keep on moving forward, never turning back..." Representatives from this panel began to be emotional at the very beginning of this session.

The title of this penal is called "Women Ending Racism." This event is sponsored by No Limits For Women, which is an international organization of women (with men as allies) dedicated to eliminating sexism and racism throughout the world. Using the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling, No Limits For Women offers a system of ongoing mutual support in which women can help free each other from the emotional harm done by sexism and racism. It also provides distinctive perspectives on issues facing women worldwide, such as violence against women, young women and girls in leadership, women ending racism, and women in partnership with men. Representatives engaged a lot of interactions with attendees. 

This penal addressed that it was important for us to situate women's experience in a multilayers oppression system. Often, we fail to account for and explain how overlapping systems of advantage and disadvantage affect individuals' opportunity structure, lifestyles, and social hardships. The idea of intersectionality implies that we cannot understand the lives of poor White single mothers or gay Black men by examining only one dimension of their lives-class, gender, race, or sexuality, Indeed, we must explore their lives in their full complexity, examining how these various dimensions come together and structure their existence. We must keep in mind that racism and sexism always work hand in hand to produce and reproduce the subordination of women, especially women of color.

In the end, representatives mentioned that we should not ignore the power of emotion sharing and story telling. It is a healing process, which would free our mind, and let the whole world understand who we are and what we can be capable of. The true liberation lies in there.

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