Saturday, March 14, 2015

Make the Happiness Come within the Walls of Own Homes

On March 12th, the Worldwide Organization for Women invited Jose & Jacky, who are a couple from Puerto Rico, to share how their family become a powerful influence in the world for good. This couple’s story provides a good example that how a husband and wife works together and make a family be happy.

“The family garden still is the best place to grow highly effective and happy people”. –Jose & Jacky

They use three principles to explain how to make a family be happy:
Love. Love can be expressed in different ways. Love can be expressed at any time. Don’t be mean to express our love with families. “Mum, I love you”, a simple word can make our mum feel happy.
Vision. A family can share a common vision, and try to “get no one left behind in our forever happy family”. Each family member should have the responsibility for the family. At the same time, we are not just wanting a family, but wanting the family to be happy.
Commitment. Six essential elements are necessary in a highly effective family: a commitment father, a commitment mother, correcting negative behavior, teaching positive behavior, good family relations, duty to a higher purpose. These six elements build the “house” for the family, and give the family safety and happiness.

Additionally, Jose and Jacky suggested us to pray, repent, forgive, respect, love and work when family is meeting struggle or challenges.

Women are the key roles in the family, and most times women have to bear more from the family. Therefore, happy family means a lot for women, and equals happy women. Happiness is not a one-generation product, but can last for generations. Past, present and future generations can sustain success and happiness, and also make all happen “within the walls of our own homes”.

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