Sunday, March 15, 2015

Always Keep Girls in School: An NGO Example in South Africa

By Xia Zhao, Lehigh University, USA

Girls are lag behind in South Africa. What are the challenges in South Africa about girls? How can we help girls through NGOs with the partnership with others? In March 12th 2015, NGO representatives from South Africa with P&G sponsors had a presentation at Armenia Convention Center in New York. The panel session titled “Partnerships that Accelerate Change to Always Keep Girls in School”, which discussed the Small Projects Foundation’s programs for keeping girls in school in South Africa.

Ms Nanga Magadla, the marketing manager of Small Projects Foundation, introduced the serious girls’ educational problems in South Africa. In poor areas of South Africa, parents don’t see the value of education. Families prefer boys rather than girls to go to school. Child, early and forced marriages are illegal in documents in South Africa, but it has not been executed. Mothers never communicate with their daughters.

Small Projects Foundation has the partnership with P&G. They create a project in South Africa, called Bright Futures Programme, which began in 2007. The main goal is to empower youth in South Africa to complete school and have the skills to find or great their own jobs and develop bright futures for themselves.  Ms Magadla said that, “Bright Future is beautiful. It empowers girls.” Because of this project, teachers and parents have more interactions than ever before. Parents began to send girls to school. Children have time to do homework. Mothers have more communication with their daughters.

The session was ended by playing the video “Always Like a Girl”, which is very powerful. Girls should be proud of themselves and do what they really want to do. 

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