Saturday, March 14, 2015

Uniting Our Voices Against Violence

The panel conducted by Soroptimist International, World Association of Girls Guides and Girls Scouts, and World YWCA discussed the issues of women violence. Regarding to that, some possible solutions and suggestions were provided at the same time.

Women are the less powerful groups than men, which decides that women are easy to be violated by men most times. Although some organizations have been established and try to help women get out of that situation, most women have not developed an awareness of asking for help from those organizations. A speaker gave an example that a women was violated by her husband for ten years, but she was reluctant to ask for help from women organizations. Currently, the real problem is that women have realized that they were wrongly treated, but they gave up their hope to change that situation.

The next speaker suggested a solution that is based on education. Education can empower girls and women to make change. Through the formal education curriculum, girls and women will learn that they can be powerful to change. Moreover, receiving education will support them to build relationships between social communities. Therefore, not only girls but also young boys will learn from each other, and prevent the violence. Another speaker pointed out that most women are experiencing discrimination in the environment, communities, societies, workplaces, and even homes; women are also experiencing physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional violence. The curriculum will make young teenagers realize this issue and stop the violence at the early age.
To effectively prevent the violence, some strategies were provided during the session, such like building women shelters, raising awareness, and creating equal relationships between women and men. In addition, conducting focus groups and dynamic discussions is also suggested to encourage women to make their voices speak out.

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