Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Makes A Great Leader?

Change Makers and Peacekeepers/ Journey towards equal representation- title of the panel inside the UN Headquarters today at 1:15. Lieutenant Gerneral Babacar Gaye (military advisor for peacekeeping operations of UN troops in Congo) and Admiral Mark Ferguson (Vice Chief of U.S. Navy  III Operations) were among the distinguished panelists discussing the importance of gender equity in the military. Ms. Lakshmi Puri (Asst. Sec. General, UN Women) and Commissioner Ann-Marie Orler (UN Police Adviser) were among the women on the panel.

When asked what makes them a great leader these qualities emerged:
Integrity and Character/
Imperative to treat other as you would like to be treated/
Empower and lift others up/
Communicate a vision/
Be persistent and tough when needed/
A good listener/
Bring out the best in others/
Follow words with actions

In so many words we all saw that the gender of the person is NOT the deciding factor but his or her ability to lead.

Of the 300,000 enlisted in the U.S. Navy, 55,000 are women. The critical mass of 20% is exceeded. Opening almost all areas of the military service to women (excluding only the Navy Seals) and providing mentoring programs by Sr. Female Officers were example sited for ways that the U. S. Navy has tried to be intentional about communicating that women have their significant place.
"The behavior of men improves when the women officers are present. Women have gender qualities of sensitivity and a deep commitment to success" according to Admiral Ferguson.

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