Saturday, March 10, 2012

“Empower Rural Women-End Hunger and Poverty”

In this parallel session,  Marjon Kamara first addressed the importance of the celebration of women and the need for women’s advancement to be recognized and honored,  remembering how much women have achieved over the past few decades.  Going further into the session,  I was personally shocked by the alarming statistics Ms. Kamara sated regarding the lack of food around the world,  with 840 million people not having enough to eat and with 92% of this hunger being due to poverty.  Agriculture and increased food production through rural women is key to reducing this alarming rate.  The session also emphasized the importance and vital role in which women play within food production with women making up 43% of the agricultural force.  In order for rural women and food production to advance,  these women need to be given more advanced technological resources.
            The issue of gender equality was another topic which was discussed,  with many of the panelists regarding this issue as a societal responsibility.  A panelist from South Sudan spoke on the importance for all women to know that they too can also play a role in their own lives,  status,  and decision making.  Another panelist, also emphasized the importance of education and the power and difference it can make in the lives of all women.  Women’s self-help groups as well as change within domestic structures would also be beneficial resources.

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