Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Gender Gap and Education Development in Rural China and Kenya

Going to this Parellel event at Lehigh which focused on the educational development and the status of Kenya and China was a very informational as well as inspiring session to listen in on!  Being an undergraduate Gender Studies major,  there are many different thoughts and ideas I have which stem from this parallel session which I will most likely split up into separate posts.

 It is great to hear that education for girls in these rural areas are now being taken more and more seriously over time and have improved so much from just ten years ago!  In the past,  education for girls has been seen as being a luxury instead of a priority, not just in the rural areas discussed  but all over the world.  It is great to know that the steps and work implemented to improve this problem are finally starting to be seen!  It is amazing to think that in an area such as rural China where once illiteracy was a growing problem, there is now free education being offered for all children (kindegarten to 6th grade)!

  In addition to this growing educational development and access to young women in these parts,  I was also very happy to hear that gender equality is growing as well!  With more and more young girls  enrolling in schools,  there is a greater chance for more young women to then be able to attend and graduate college.  Sometime I feel as though I take my own education for granted,  either complaining about the papers I have to write or studying.  It is good to be reminded of how lucky I am to have the education I have gotten, knowing that many other young women throughout the world are just fighting for their rights to attend middle or high school.  Going to this session definitely reminded me of how lucky I am to have graduated college and hopefully this access will just keep improving for all women around the globe!

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