Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My thought on the Human Trafficking Issues

After today conference I am clear that  NGOs, Government in United State and other countries,and the civil societies from different countries have established their own structure for ending the slavery as well as to rescue the victims. They have done all the solutions to this global issue. I found that each agent has an effective system to incorporate with their stakeholders to work on the same issues. Each organization have to continue to cooperate each other to establish a structure that  focus on the whole related issues to solve the problem  and not just focus  one direction. I believe that there are five main stakeholders such as the government which is the police department or department of Justice in USA, the civil society, the community, the individual, and the NGOs that have to work together very closely to against Human Trafficking . In the community the government could help them to select the leaders who are passionate and active on the human trafficking issues  and they can advocate the whole community for the example the four missions of  The Valley against sex trafficking,, such as awareness, prevention, action, and the aftercare.  The leaders in the community have to cooperate with NGOs ,the government ,and the civil society to keep update information of the related issues of Human Trafficking and so on. The NGOs  will have to  keep continue to help to support the leaders and the community to produce the campaign and the media or film to raise the awareness and so on. They all have to work together closely in the long run in order the issues have become sensitive in the community. Beside that education is one of the place where the young people gather together to listen the issues, the impacts and the solutions. Thus the teachers play an important role in raising awareness, prevention and the other appropriate sessions for the kids in terms of the solutions of the Human Trafficking issues. What I believed is that the most effective solution to the Human Trafficking issues comes from a strong community that has the strong leaders, passionate and active toward the Human Trafficking issues. There are some countries that have been successful to overcome the issues and what we all should do is that we should spread the words, keep implement the best practices together with the stakeholders and keep building the strong networks in the long run.

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