Monday, March 11, 2013

March Toward Equality

This past Thursday on March 7, a few classmates and I went up to the UN Headquarters in New York City to observe the Celebration March: Global Women for Equality, Development and Peace. The March convened over 100 women and men from around the world who are participating in the 57th CSW. Even though it was a cold, blustery and snowy day, the marchers proudly wore their yellow ribbons and announced their messages with strong emotion.


I thought observing the March was a great way to kickoff my (and my classmates) experiences at the CSW. Many of these marchers have come from countries where inequality for women and violence against women are everyday realities. Some of the marchers may have even experienced these realities themselves. The march helped to remind me that violence against women and inequality for women exist everywhere, even in New York City.

Seeing their passion and hearing their enthusiastic chanting and singing reaffirmed the importance of the CSW and the importance of projecting these messages: that women have arrived, we know the injustices we face around the world, we have solutions and the world better listen.
Even though these men and women marched for women's equal rights, they were a reminder that everyone and anyone can be an advocate for equality for women. We don't have to march down a busy avenue in New York City to make a difference and spread the word; we can march through our own lives knowing that women have arrived and, with proper support from organizations like the UN, can solve the biggest problem of our generation: inequality for women and girls.

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