Thursday, March 7, 2013

Feedback on CSW Conference

The Commission on the Status of Women conference is an event that not just gathering many NGOs around the world to share their best practices, issues and challenges in their area of works but it also gave a great opportunity for the NGOs to socialize and network that is very important for implementing their activities as well.

After attended a few sessions in CSW I found it is very interesting that the NGOs from different countries shared their frameworks, strategies and approaches that they have used to overcome the gender base violence and promote gender equality in their countries. However I found that among those NGOs that presented their works did not provide training to women or young girls on the First Aid training or self defend to protect themselves from rape, violence and basic treatment after injury. According to the presentations from different NGOs, there are many cases that women were injure, raped, attempted to rape, and so on therefore I think it is very important to provide the young girls and women where there is  a high risk of sexual abuses, domestic violence and rape so that they can have an immediate protection skill for example using first aid kits and self defense.

I think that having CSW conference is a great idea however it could have done better to improve the event to be more organized and meaningful. For example it would be better if the organizer could find the way to bring more attention of the participants during the session and keep them in their seat until the session finish. I also think that it would be better if the organizer of the event could find the way to make the event more interesting and set up the rule to make the event be more organized and respectful by the participants.

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