Saturday, February 26, 2011

Put the Move Back in the Movement!

Norma Ramos, Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in women (CATW), gave an excellent presentation where she said she had enough of analyzing and meeting about sex trafficking and decided to do something. She decided to fight Craigslist to remove its Adult Services and WON!! She began a letter writing campaign then involved the media and congregated 85 human rights representatives to picket at Craigslist door steps with creative signs such as “I got my sofa and a girl at Craigslist.” Craigslist being a mainstream business decided not to be at odds with the human rights groups and their community and ceased hosting adult services, first in the US then internationally!

Jean Enriquez, Executive Director of CATW Asia, spoke about corporate responsibility and the internet sex trafficking.
She stated that most professional “Johns” no longer lean out of their cars to pick up prostitutes, that the victims have become more accessible through the internet.
The term “Sex worker” should be rejected and not normalized. It is a term used by the industry to legitimize this form of discrimination against women.
Films like Pretty Woman and an HBO show called “Cat House” romanticize prostitution. We need to find more abolitionist men who find their voices and take on the men who are feeding the sex trafficking.
Educate young men to change sexual attitudes and practice. Critique gender roles and deepen men’s understanding of the harm in prostitution.

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