Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Myths and the Legends

The women, who I had the privilege of being around yesterday, were the women from story books. Although I didn't get to meet everyone individually and hear their, what I can only imagine are, amazing stories, I felt that I was surrounded by the bra-burning vigilantes that I've only heard about. As I observed the mixed crowd of matured women and young fighters, I saw old friends embracing, new friends recruiting and a concern from everyone in the room about the status of women...this was an amazing site.

The room was full of women from all over the world, many fresh off the plane and still lugging their suit cases, who were eager to no just discuss the status of women, but they were eager to work on the status of women. In a world where we like to discuss the discussion that we are planning on having about human rights, it was empowering to be around women, people for that matter, who were discussing for a plan of action. It was empowering to be around women who were passionate about their individual causes, but did not let that overshadow their commonalities; it was empowering to be among women who have fought and achieved change, and it was empowering to think that one day that could be me!

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