Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a great way to engage students. Our visit and active participation in CSW NGO consultation day and the conference is an example of how it can be done within the frame work of graduate course work. This semester our course is focused on UN and the role of NGOs in development of educational policy and practice. Our professors found a way to use the opportunity of CSW’s 55th convention in New York as a learning experience for all of us. We read about the women’s conventions in the past and how various women’s organizations from all parts of the world came together to inform UN policy makers about the challenges they faced in their respective regions. We also read about the debates and the process of consensus building at these conferences. However, no words could convey the dynamics better than my real experience. Hearing the passion of the women for their cause and commitment to change was clearly evident in various sessions. I learned more about the power of networking, dialogue, collaboration and communication and most of all consensus building in bringing about change. I realized that the process of change is long, arduous and slow but everyone acknowledged that it was happening in some form or another everywhere. Our Learning continues as we partake in workshops/sessions, reflect and discuss our experience over the next two weeks. Blogging is just one of the many opportunities we will use to co- construct our knowledge as we continue with other experiential projects this semester. Many thanks to our professors!

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